A 360 Slam Dunk Guide for Successful Teams

2 Hours 23 Minutes

Sunday Session

Moderator: George V. Duello 

Program Track: Practice Development and Management 

“Change is inevitable - growth is optional.” In this fastpaced, ever-changing world, dental teams must commit to taking a serious look at every aspect of the practice.With a comprehensive feedback process, you gain insight into your performance, which allows you to identify opportunities for growth. Enjoy this fast-paced, fun-filled dynamic seminar that will super-charge your practice today! 

Educational Objectives: 
• Understand the urgency to lead and re-align your practice today. 
• Define the doctor and the team in the 35 key leadership issues for peak performing teams. 
• Learn key communication barriers, how to overcome them and how to blend high-tech and high-touch relationship-based care.

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