Developing Relationships with Referring Doctors and Staff

1 Hour 42 Minutes
Monday Session
Moderator: Gordon L. Douglass 

Program Track: Practice Development and Management 

Relationships are the foundation to inter-office team dentistry. To succeed on an inter-office team, periodontists must provide essential components that benefit the patient and the other offices involved in patient care. To thrive on such a team, periodontists 
must go beyond the basics and provide the patient and the other offices on the team with leadership, organization skills and communication skills that benefit the entire team. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Understand essential components to provide the team in order to maintain working relationships with referring offices. 
• Identify optional components that can make your office the desired member of choice in having strong, working relationships. 
• Learn leadership, organization and communication skills that will enhance the highest levels of relationships with referring offices.
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