General Session: Long-Term Hard and Soft Tissue Stability

1 Hour 56 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Moderator: Robert A. Faiella 

Program Track: Implants 

Long-term clinical performance with implants relies on maintaining the stability of both the soft and hard tissues. Many factors can impact this, including implant surface topography, the abutment-implant interface, implant positioning/placement, soft and hard tissue management along with prosthesis design and execution. Today, the clinician attempts to achieve outcomes that will maintain 
long-term stability with materials and concepts that continue to evolve. Clinicians need to make informed decisions based upon the existing evidence, and try to apply this to the clinical situation at hand. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Discuss the lab technician’s perspective on how to achieve long-term success based upon implant positioning or malpositioning. 
• Understand the long-term clinical performance of machined- and surface-modified implants. 
• Review emerging information on how the abutmentimplant interface will impact success.