Global Health and Productivity Management

1 Hour 33 Minutes
SKU: 16ACOEM-403

TRACK: Management and Administration in OEM

Murray Coombs, MB, ChB, Dow Chemical Company
Jasminka Goldoni Laestadius, MD, PhD, The World Bank, Washington, DC
Richard JL Heron, MD, FRCP, FACOEM, BP International, Sudsbury on Thames, England
Rajgopal Thirumalai, MD, FFOM (London), FFOM (Ireland), Unilever, Mumbai, India
Leslie M. Yee, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM, Skylark Health Strategies, Ltd., Cincinnati, OH

The need for Health and Productivity Management (HPM) has long been acknowledged with the USA, driven by escalating health care costs as well as by a growing recognition of the indirect costs of health conditions. There is now growing international recognition of the business and economic consequences of poor health by policy-makers and others. OEM specialists serving multinational corporations and other transnational organizations have managed this issue globally for many years, and this session will share current knowledge in this important area. This session was organized by the International Special Interest Section, along with the Health and Productivity Special Interest Section.