Guided Full-Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction: 2017

2 Hours 17 Minutes

Sunday Session, 2:30–5 p.m.

Program Track: Imaging and Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Will Akin

Speaker: Michael A. Pikos

This clinically-based presentation will focus on the integration of facially-driven, implant-supported prosthetics, surgical and laboratory disciplines, combined with CBCT technology to provide a seamless approach for totally guided full-arch and full-mouth immediate implant reconstruction for the terminal dentition and edentulous patient. This protocol includes placement of a virtually created, prefabricated, computerguided nano-ceramic prosthesis for both edentulous and dentate arches. The complete workflow from diagnostics to virtual workup with proof of concept for this fully guided approach will be presented along with cases that feature indications and overall procedural sequence.

Educational Objectives:

• Evaluate the indications and protocol for facially-driven, computer-guided full-arch and full-mouth immediate placement with a prefabricated monolithic acrylic bar supported provisional.

• Compare the advantages of this protocol over All-on-4® for full-arch and full-mouth implant reconstruction.

• Review the limitations of this totally guided surgical and prosthetic protocol.

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