Interactive General Session: Management of Adjacent Maxillary Anterior Teeth with Severe Osseous Defects

1 Hour 58 Minutes
Monday Session
Moderators: Robert A. Faiella, Maurizio Tonetti

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

A patient is presented with localized periodontitis, resultingin a deep pocketing and severe osseous defects on adjacent maxillary anterior teeth with esthetic implications.Would you try to save the teeth with a regenerative procedure, or extract them and prepare the area for dental implants? Would you attempt to enhance esthetics through interdisciplinary approaches, or perform a hybrid treatment plan? A similar situation will be presented, with the chanceto vote both before and after a discussion of various treatment options. Then see how the case was actually treated.

Educational Objectives:
• Understand different choices for treating the maxillaryanterior teeth with advanced osseous defects.
• Evaluate the validity of the evidence presentedsupporting different therapeutic modalities.
• Consider various clinical techniques for avoidingan esthetic deformity.