Journal Club for the Practicing OEM Physician

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CME/MOC: 1.0
TRACK: OEM Education and Scientific Research

Ronda B. McCarthy, MD, MPH, FACOEM, City of Waco Employee Health Services, Concentra, Waco, TX
Judith Green McKenzie, MD, MPH, FACP, FACPM, FACOEM, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

This session will use a journal club format to allow physicians an opportunity to refresh their ability to critically appraise scientific evidence and discuss with their peers how it translates into professional practice. The session will provide a forum for practicing physicians to participate in a guided critical appraisal of the scientific literature. After a brief overview, attendees will be guided through the structured steps by experienced faculty using a round-table discussion format. A current high impact article will be reviewed. The salient elements to be examined are study hypothesis, study design, selection of the study population, data collection methods, statistical analysis, the role of chance, bias and confounding on internal validity, external validity, and context. Both article and template will be provided prior to the conference. This session was organized by the History and Archives Special Interest Section.

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