Loading Protocols

2 Hours 33 Minutes

Sunday Session

Moderator: Jeffrey Ganeles 

Program Track: Implants 

Implant loading protocols continue to evolve with improved understanding of biomaterial-tissue interactions, implant surface technology and physiologic response to load. Optimized implant designs, enhanced implant surfaces, improved prosthetic connections and 
efficient restorative delivery systems impact all aspects of implant dentistry; even standard definitions of immediate, early and delayed loading have changed. This presentation will explore some of the evidence, rationales, techniques and preferences of three renowned, skilled and biologicallybased clinicians.

Educational Objectives: 
• Discuss current clinical concepts of loading in the context of bone and soft tissue wound healing. 
• Outline a decision-making process for clinicians to select appropriate loading protocols for specific patients and conditions. 
• Demonstrate clinical techniques to optimize results and minimize risks for specific loading protocols.

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