Managing Esthetic Failures on Anterior Dental Implants: Etiologies and Treatment Solutions

2 Hours 31 Minutes *Stephen Chu's portion of the session is audio only.

Sunday Sessions, 2:30–5 p.m.

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Donald S. Clem, III

Speakers: Stephen Chu (Audio Only), Mark Hochman, and Dennis Tarnow

Esthetic failures associated with dental implants in the esthetic zone can be one of the greatest challenges facing the dental team. These dilemmas can present themselves as either midfacial, interdental, or combination defect types. A significant part of treatment therapy revolves around correction of these esthetic defects due to either poor treatment planning, implant placement, and restorative contours. Surgical, orthodontic, and restorative treatment planning options and techniques to address these esthetic deficiencies will be presented in a sequential manner from simple periodontalrestorative solutions to more complex case types.

Educational Objectives:

• Assess the potential of hard and soft tissue correction around aesthetically challenged anterior implants.

• Learn when adjunctive orthodontic therapy should be employed.

• Know when a prosthetic restorative solution is the best treatment plan option.

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