Narrow Diameter Implants: Expanding the Scope of Your Practice

1 Hour 33 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Moderator: Michael S. Reddy 

Program Track: Implants 

Narrow diameter implants (NDIs) add a valuable and unique treatment modality, thus increasing the opportunity to use implants in patients who would not be candidates for conventional implant treatment. Two types of NDIs will be discussed in this presentation, 
providing a thorough review of all uses of such implants. Step-by-step procedures will be shown to familiarize the participants in the surgical, immediate temporization, final prosthetic treatments and ridge augmentation procedures with block grafts and guided bone 
regeneration. Home-study references and materials, including clinical photographs, will be offered. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Become familiar with the armamentarium, surgical placement and provisionalization of NDIs in areas of limited-spaced, atrophic bone. 
• Learn the advantages of using NDIs with screwretained restorations for ease of retrievability. 
• Understand the variety of ridge augmentation procedures (block grafts, GBR, allograft blocks) where employing NDIs facilitated success.
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