Occupational Issues of Color Vision and Color Vision Testing: What's Up?

1 Hour 28 Minutes
SKU: 14ACOEM-311

TRACK(S): OEM Clinical Practice

Douglas J. Ivan, MD, FAsMA, FRAeS, Independent Consultant, San Antonio, TX

Visual performance constitutes an integral part of our daily lives, including for most vocational and occupational pursuits. While visual acuity represents the most basic of visual tenets, other visual attributes such as color perception and awareness of our physical relationship
to threats around us, are particularly important to many specialized tasks. The use of color to transfer technical information has expanded dramatically, such that modern electronic displays now utilize technology capable of full spectral expression. Given that around 10% of the
population, particularly males, are born with defective color vision and that a significant number of individuals, both males and females, can experience color vision loss from hundreds of acquired diseases and medications, color perception has the potential to impact performance
and safety in many routine daily tasks, as well as across a diverse spectrum of potentially hazardous occupations. This session is sponsored by the Transportation Special Interest Section.

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