Optimizing Anterior Tooth Replacement and Implant Esthetics

2 Hours 44 Minutes

Monday Session

Moderator: Maurice A. Salama 

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy 

This presentation will focus on the interdisciplinary relationship of the restorative dentist, periodontist and orthodontist to reconstruct the hard and soft tissue foundation for all restorative options in anterior tooth replacement. The diagnosis of deficiencies, as well as the 
varied treatment options, will be discussed in detail. This includes GBR, bone grafting and esthetic periodontal plastic soft tissue procedures to manipulate the soft tissue foundation prior to, or subsequent with, the restorative options of implants, bridges or pontic replacement. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Learn how to diagnose the implant receptor site, and how to handle the extracted tooth site. 
• Discuss when to treat immediately and when to stage the case. 
• Understand how to manage the soft tissue and emergence profiles, and the importance of restorative temporization and contour.

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