Technological Advances in Our Practices: The Future is Now

1 Hour 42 Minutes

Sunday Sessions, 2:30–5 p.m.

Program Track: Imaging and Emerging Technologies

Moderator: E. Todd Scheyer

Speakers: William Giannobile, Irena Sailer (Not Recorded), and Markus Schlee

Novel technologies for periodontal bioengineering and digital dynamic diagnosis and treatment planning. The reconstruction of alveolar bone defects caused by development abnormalities, trauma, or disease is a major goal of oral reconstructive therapy. The field of tissue engineering combines advances in materials science and biology to repair tissues and organs. Over the past decade, investigators have utilized growth factor biologics, barriers, and bone replacement grafts to restore lost tooth support due to damage of the alveolus. This presentation will highlight emerging technologies in digital treatment planning, 3D bioprinting, biomaterials, and growth factor biologics for application to the clinical area. Specific attention will be given to the long-term use of Allogenec bone blocks and current use of patient specific bone blocks milled presurgically with a CAD/CAM approach. The age of complete digital smile diagnostics and design is becoming reality. These new technologies will be presented to elaborate on the opportunities that exist for the clinician and patient.

Educational Objectives

• Identify the principles involved in tissue engineering of tooth-and implant-supporting periodontal structures such as bone, periodontal ligament, gingival, and cementum.

• Determine the potential of new and emerging therapies such as CAD/CAM allografts, stem cells, 3D printing technology, and interactive scaffold matrices.

• Recognize both patient-specific and implant-specific factors affecting treatment outcomes of regenerative therapies.

• Learn about the current possibilities and limitations of technology for digital smile diagnostics.

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