TED2 - The Best of OEM: Top OEM Contributions to the World

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Constantine Gean, MD, FACOEM, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Glendale, CA
Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACOEM, Occupational Health Strategies, Charlottesville, VA

TED1, presented at the 2015 AOHC in Baltimore, focused on practical skills and tools for improving presentation effectiveness in order to take presenters from “good” to “great” to “outstanding.” TED2 speakers will apply these skills in short, dynamic presentations that succinctly communicate OEM’s top contributions to the world, to employers, workers and communities. The session will address the question, “What is OEM’s competitive advantage?” (Restated, what simple key lessons could employers and workers learn from a hundred years of OEM experience?) Top contributions are selected based on dialog, literature reviews and interaction with the speakers. The session will showcase well-documented, evidence-based workplace policies, programs, practices skills and tools that give OEM professionals competitive advantage. TED1 speakers will coach bright, articulate future OEM leaders to summarize the best evidence of OEM’s top contributions to society.

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