A New Perspective on the Path to Exceptional Implant Esthetics: A Peripheral Vision of Key Adjunct Procedures and Concepts

2 Hours 36 Minutes

Monday Session

Moderator: Jeanne M. Salcetti 

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy 

Esthetic rehabilitation of the natural dentition and implants demands an understanding of the pre-operative conditions, as well as the surgical and restorative procedures that can result in a favorable tissue architecture. Without a pleasing gingival framework, even 
the most skilled restoring dentist and ceramist cannot predictably deliver highly esthetic results. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Discuss regenerative surgical steps. 
• Learn enhancement techniques and limitations associated with papillae in conventional and implant fixed partial dentures. 
• Determine where to place the necessary materials as they relate to tissue health and esthetics.

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