e-Wellness and Telehealth: Avoid Becoming Roadkill on the Information Superhighway

1 Hour 24 Minutes
SKU: 13ACOEM-098

TRACK: OEM Education and Scientific Research

As EMR’s grow and portable devices shrink, we must keep up not only with the knowledge revolution, but with the exploding media through which knowledge is delivered. After defining e-, memes, and cyberchondria, we will explore current models that are delivering wellness virtually. State-of-the-art examples will include non-commercial health information, wellness assessments, health skill development, health coaching, and risk/disease management. After a stretch break, we will explore four communication revolutions and their impact on the human brain, and envision where the fields of e-health and telemedicine are heading. By the end, we will form a puppy-pile of curiosity, dialog and Q&A about the road ahead.

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