Fatigue Risk Management

2 Hours 45 Minutes
SKU: 10ACOEM-2401

Track: Management and Administration in OEM

Steven E. Lerman, MD, MPH*, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Houston, TX

Benjamin Gerson, MD*, University Services, Philadelphia, PA
Steven R. Hursh, PhD, Institutes for Behavior Resources, Inc., and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
Martin Moore-Ede, MD, Circadian Technologies, Inc., Stoneham, MA

In the aftermath of the BP Texas City refinery fire, the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) called for the development of a "fatigue prevention guidelines that would, at a minimum, limit hours and days of work and address shift work developed in conformance with ANSI principles and the composition of the working group developing the guidelines should be diverse.” In 2008, an ANSI committee was assembled to address the CSB recommendations. This workshop will review the safety hazards associated with excess fatigue; the scientific underpinnings of fatigue risk management; the role of fatigue modeling in design of work schedules and training; sleep disorder management in fatigue prevention and the key components of the ANSI Fatigue Risk Management Standard.

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