Hands on Clinical: Foot and Ankle

1 Hour 23 Minutes
SKU: 10ACOEM-2403

Track: OEM Clinical Practice

Phyllis A. Gerber, MD, FACOEM, FAADEP*, BioMotion of America LLC, Zurich North America. Osprey, FL

Joseph D. Funk, DPM, Orlando Orthopedic Center, Orlando, FL
Daniel L. Wiernik, DPM, Orlando Orthopedic Center, Orlando, FL

Foot and Ankle problems are frequently evaluated and treated in the Occupational Medicine settings. Local specialists who evaluate and treat forefoot, rear foot and ankle problems will address time proven and new evaluation and treatment options using the ACOEM Guidelines as reference. These experts speak from the perspective Team Physicians, Athletes and Medical Professionals who spend long hours on their own feet. We have challenged them to address work, especially work that requires prolonged standing and walking, as a form of athleticism. This session will assist us in making a paradigm shift toward more effective and efficient treatment decision and will provide us with tools to motivate our patients. Anyone interested in the evaluation and treatment of foot and ankle problems will enjoy this hand on session and lively interactions with the Faculty.

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