Heavy Metals - Not Your Typical Metallica!

1 Hour 57 Minutes
SKU: 10ACOEM-2212

Track: Environmental Health and Risk Management

James D. McCluskey, MD, PhD, MPH*, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Theodore F. Them, MD, MS, PhD, MPH*, Guthrie Clinic, Ltd, Sayre, PA

This presentation will focus on the precise definition of a heavy metal, with emphasis on the exhaustive and detailed toxic properties of mercury, arsenic, silver, and lead. Beryllium, while not a heavy metal, will be reviewed in a similar manner for the purpose of comparison and contrast. Chelation science and clinical application will be discussed with respect to evidence based information on this topic. The target audience includes active occupational medicine practitioners, medical professionals who evaluate and treat individuals with the potential for exposure to heavy metals, occupational medicine residents and individuals preparing for the board-certification examination in preventive medicine/occupational medicine.

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