Individual Scientific Abstract Oral Presentation

1 Hour 29 Minutes
SKU: 10ACOEM-2209

Track: OEM Education and Scientific Research

James D. McCluskey, MD, PhD, MPH*, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Peter Angerer, MD, University of Munich, Munich, Germany: "A One Year Cohort Study on the Risk for Cardiac Disease When Working in Normobaric Hypoxia for Fire Protection"
Peter Angerer, MD, University of Munich, Munich, Germany: "A Randomized, Controlled Trail on the Effect of Stress Management Interventions in the Workplace"
Nathan L. Kleinman, PhD, Human Capital Management Services, Paso Robles, CA: "Employee Health Benefits Utilization Increases Preceding Voluntary Termination"
Mary Patricia Nowalk, PhD, RD, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA: "The Impact of Choice of Influenza Vaccines on Workplace Vaccination Rates: A Cluster Randomized Trail"
William S. Shaw, PhD*, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, Hopkinton, MA: "Patient-centered Communication and Short-term Recovery from Acute, Work-related Low Back Pain"
Jonathan V. Szalajda, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA: "Respirator and Surgical Mask Efficacy for Cough Aerosols"

The objective of this session is to present important research findings on selected current topics in occupational and environmental health. The session will provide researchers in occupational and environmental medicine and related disciplines, such as occupational epidemiology and toxicology, with a forum to present their current research. Presentations will be made by established researchers with topics addressing a range of important issues. All presentations were selected through a peer-review process of submitted abstracts to ensure the highest quality science and relevance. Discussion and audience questions and comments will be solicited and strongly encouraged.