Innovative Treatment Planning Using Orthodontics

1 Hour 51 Minutes

Tuesday Session, 10:15–11:45 a.m.

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Roger Wise

Speakers: Marianna Evans and Richard D. Roblee

A key goal of interdisciplinary dentistry is the fabrication of maintainable, aesthetic, and functional prostheses that preserve the health of the teeth and soft tissue. Many complex interdisciplinary problems involve deficiencies or discrepancies in the dentoalveolar complex that can prolong treatment time and compromise overall outcomes. Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy (SFOT) in combination with skeletal anchorage can shorten treatment times, modify vertical relationships and enhance the development of the arch form, alveolar bone and soft tissue to ideally address these issues. Special focus will be given to utilizing high-tech clear aligners instead of traditional orthodontic appliances to add a new and exciting dimension to SFOT while significantly increasing patient treatment acceptance. Communication and collaboration between the restorative dentist and the periodontist/orthodontist will be addressed utilizing challenging clinical cases.

Educational Objectives:

• Apply interdisciplinary diagnostics and treatment planning for the SFOT patient.

• Combine hard and soft tissue grafting with selective corticotomies.

• Utilize skeletal anchorage with SFOT to modify vertical relationships.

• Recognize high-tech clear aligners as an exciting new appliance option for SFOT.

• Explain the sequence of inter-related phenomena that lead to malocclusion, gingival recession, and compromised upper airway function.

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