International Travel Health Issues

3 Hours 38 Minutes
SKU: 13ACOEM-102

TRACK: OEM Clinical Practice

Physicians supporting multinational corporations, government agencies, NGOs, and other transnational organizations must remain current on immunizations and other travel health precautions to protect their
expatriates and international travelers as well as their local national employees in many countries. Clinicians with patients who travel or relocate internationally have this same challenge. Knowledge of the unique health risks of specific geographic settings may also be a critical element in setting decisions for international facilities. This session
will address a number of important international travel health issues for the OEM professional, including current vaccine updates, pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure management, the needs of immunecompromised and other medically complex travelers, and medical implications of eco-tourism. Special travel health risks confronting occupational
groups such as healthcare workers and academics who do remote research. This session may be of particular interest to residents and recent graduates. This session is sponsored by the International
Special Interest Section.

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