Maximizing the Health of the Workforce: Case Studies on Management of Chronic Disease

2 Hours 50 Minutes
SKU: 14ACOEM-105

TRACK(S): Management and Administration in OEM

Pamela Allweiss, MD, MPH*, CDC Division of Diabetes Translation, Atlanta, GA (Moderator)
Colin Baigel, MD*, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co., New York, NY
Raymond J. Fabius, MD, FACPE*, HealthNEXT, Newton Square, PA
John Ross Maclean, MD, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co., Plainsboro, NJ
David Shepperly, MD, MHS, FACOEM*, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co., New Brunswick, NJ
Cynthia E. Vona, DDS, MD*, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co., Princeton, NJ

This session is sponsored by the Health and Productivity Special Interest Section.

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