Medical Center Occupational Health: Expanding the Care Delivery Model

1 Hour 39 Minutes
SKU: 13ACOEM-111

TRACK: OEM Clinical Practice

Medical center occupational health programs are well positioned to offer a range of services beyond the traditional care of work-related injuries. Worksite-based coordination of general medical care and a
broad range of wellness services are among topical areas with which medical center occupational health physicians should gain familiarity and practical knowledge. Such knowledge takes on a renewed relevance for medical center-based physicians under current provision of the Affordable Care Act. During this session, faculties who have spearheaded expansions of service to address population health and primary care will present their experiences, address program development, describe challenges they have encountered, tally successes to date, and discuss expanded medical center-based services under current healthcare legislation. This session may be of particular interest to residents and recent graduates. This session is sponsored by the Medical Center Occupational Health Special Interest Section.

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