New Prescription for Prevention: The Role of the Occupational and Environmental Physician in Promoting Policies and Partnerships for Healthier Built Environments

53 Minutes
SKU: 14ACOEM-220

TRACK(S): OEM Clinical Practice

Mitzi Alex Baker, AICP, Rochester-Olmstead Planning Development, Rochester, MN
Robin G. Molella, MD, MPH*, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (Moderator)

Chronic diseases decrease employee productivity and increase absenteeism and disability costs and the burden of these diseases is projected to continue to increase. There are opportunities to decrease the impact of chronic disease risks by changing the built environment in which we live. In order to fully realize the power of these changes in improving quality of life and decreasing chronic disease risks, OEM physicians need to be able to demonstrate and communicate the business case and the
health case of these strategies. The activities planned in this session will leave the attendee well prepared to discuss the merits of complete streets policies, active living strategies, and other approaches to improve
individual wellbeing through systems, policy and environmental change. Through real cases of success and failure, attendees will be able to use their expertise and position to gently advocate, or to champion meaningful improvements in the built environment.

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