OSHA Best Practice 2012: Spirometry Testing in Occupational Health Programs

1 Hour 23 Minutes
SKU: 13ACOEM-225

TRACK: Environmental Health and Risk Management

Occupational spirometry testing is often performed to comply with OSHA regulations and industry requirements. However, the technical quality of such testing is often mediocre, producing inaccurate results, and the interpretation of test results often fails to follow best practice guidelines. To address both of these problems, OSHA has recently released a Guidance Document on Spirometry Testing in Occupational Health Programs: Best Practices for Healthcare Professionals. OSHA was strongly influenced by ACOEM’s 2011 Spirometry Update. This session summarizes key points of the OSHA Guidance to familiarize occupational medicine practitioners with this new reference. This session is sponsored by the Lung Disorders Committee.

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