Perio/Pros Communication and Relationships

2 Hours 4 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Timothy P. Walsh

Speakers: Allan H. Charles, Christopher B. Marchack

This presentation will concentrate on getting the best implant treatment outcomes by careful attention to planning, surgical techniques, soft tissue management and restorative options. Computer implant planning can be used to accurately place implants for maximum esthetic positioning. This, coupled with careful surgical treatment and soft tissue management, provides a healthy and cosmetic environment in which to place a final restoration. Finally, attention to abutment and crown contours and positions leads to optimum outcomes for our patients.

Educational Objectives:
Understand the factors that will help facilitate interoffice communication.
Describe how to use computer implant planning techniques to enhance placement and restoration.
Develop a strategy leading to an optimal esthetic outcome for patients.