A 360° Slam-Dunk Guide for Successful Teams

1 Hour 32 Minutes

Monday Session

Program Track: Practice Development and Management

Moderator: Bobby L. Butler

Speaker: Mark E. Hyman

You’re living life in the fast lane of private practice; how do you improve your patient’s experience as you deliver optimal care? Highly successful teams constantly re-imagine, re-invent and implement change to assure success during turbulent times. Prepare to laugh and learn about the Top 20 Game Changers of 2013!

Educatioinal Objectives:

  • Discover the critical issues involved in the successful handling of new patients.
  • Utlizie new techniques for keeping your team focused and enthused, even when things go wrong.
  • Learn how to partner with your referring doctors and teams for increased communication, case acceptance, professional fulfillment and fun!
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