Advanced Framing: Maximizing the Value & Efficiency of Wood Wall Systems


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Las Vegas Convention Center, North 262

Format: Building Knowledge Session
Level of Content: Novice
Track: Building Techniques, Systems & Materials
Continuing Education: NAHB - 1.00 CE hour(s), NKBA - 0.1 CEU(s), AIA - 1.00 LU hour(s)
Appropriate for: Designers, Architects, Engineers & Planners, Subcontractors & Specialty Trade Contractors, Single Family - All

Robert Clark, APA - The Engineered Wood Assn, Dundee, MI
Randall Melvin, Winchester Homes, Bethesda, MD

What It’s About:
While advanced framing was developed in the 1970s, today's strict energy codes are driving a renewed interest, particularly in the area of wall construction methods. Advanced Framing is unique as it not only addresses energy efficiency but also cost-effectiveness and disaster resiliency. Advanced Framing provides methods for meeting Energy Star and various green building programs, too. This session will provide you with information to thoroughly understand what Advanced Framing is and how to implement it into home construction. Real-life case studies will show the potential savings in framing lumber costs and the increases in R-value that can be attained.

What You'll Learn:
Discover how Advanced Framing techniques may be implemented separately; however, a more holistic approach equates to more savings in both material and energy use.
Analyze how Advanced Framing can reduce construction costs while increasing energy efficiency by minimizing thermal bridging and increasing the volume of cavity insulation.
Explore the how-to's for several components of Advanced Framing, such as 24" o.c. framing, single top plates, ladder blocking, 2-stud corners, insulated headers and more.
Discuss a case study with one builder who converted to Advanced Framing as he shares common pitfalls to overcome and the bottom line advantages of making the change.

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