Advances in Sinus Augmentation

2 Hours 15 Minutes
Sunday Session
Program Track: Implants

Moderator: Richard J. Lazzara
Speakers: Ziv Mazor, Michael Toffler, Stephen S.Wallace

The two most commonly used methods to achieve subantral augmentation
have been the lateral window Caldwell-Luc approach and the transcrestal
osteotome technique. In addition, the perceived clinical complexity of the
lateral technique and limitations of the osteotome approach have piqued
interest in minimally-invasive antral membrane balloon elevation (MIAMBE),
which can potentially eliminate the previously imposed limitations of
osteotome-mediated sinus floor elevation, while still using a less invasive
transcrestal method. This lecture hopes to provide some of the answers
to the most pertinent questions surrounding these three evolving approaches
to sinus elevation.
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