Alveolar Ridge Reconstruction: Harnessing Technology and Minimizing Risk

2 Hours 33 Minutes

Sunday, 2:30 – 5 p.m. East, 353 C 

Tissue Engineering and Hard Tissue Reconstruction 

Moderator: Rachel A. Schallhorn 

Speakers: Eduardo R. Lorenzana, Rodrigo Neiva, and David H. Yu 

Educational Objectives: 

  • Consider various barriers utilized to treat alveolar ridge defects, including 3-D additive manufacturing, and understand the indications and rationale for use of cell-occlusive barriers. 
  • Review the osseodensification technique along with materials-selection, rationale, advantages, and disadvantages. 
  • Apply and incorporate esthetic risk assessment and oral plastic surgery techniques to the GBR and perio-prosthetic treatment-planning process. 
  • Investigate how soft tissue phenotype impacts implant treatment planning in the esthetic zone, including timing of alveolar ridge reconstruction. 
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