Are Biologic Additions for Periodontal Regenerative Care Necessary? Point-Counterpoint

2 Hours 25 Minutes
Sunday Session
Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering

Moderator: José R. Mellado
Speakers: Mark A. Reynolds, Paul S. Rosen

Graft materials have been widely embraced for use in periodontal regenerative
therapy. Recent reports on combining grafts with biologics suggest the possibility
of enhancing the ability of clinicians to achieve optimal results. This lecture will
attempt to clarify the role of grafting and combination therapies in current
periodontal care. The presenters will provide a point-counterpoint perspective
on the clinical merits of using grafts alone or in combination with biologics for
regenerative therapy. The goal of the presentation is to offer an evidence-based
foundation for making clinical decisions in regenerative therapy.
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