Best Practices in Re-Recording Mixing


Tom Fleischman, CAS - New York, NY, USA

This session on re-recording will include how Tom Fleischman approaches a project from the beginning to the end, focusing on how the mix can enhance the storytelling, the importance of clarity of dialogue, and the various ways that music and sound effects are used to engage the audience emotionally and to keep the suspension of disbelief. He will also discuss some of the history of how re-recording has changed over the last 40 years and how the advent of digital sound recording and digital signal processing have changed the way that films are mixed. Although he uses advanced technological tools in the mix, and he will discuss the use of these tools, he is much more oriented toward the art of the process and how what he does affects how the story is told and how important it is to keep the audience engaged with what is happening dramatically on the screen. 

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