Clinical Applications of Stem Cells for Bone Augmentation Procedures

2 Hours 17 Minutes
Monday Session
Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering

Moderators: Hidemi Kurihara, Bradley S. McAllister

Speakers: William V. Giannobile, Kamran Haghighat, Yoichi Yamada

Tissue engineering research has put considerable emphasis on providing the necessary cellular machinery directly in sites undergoing regenerative procedures. The concept of employing autologous and allogenic stem cells to restore lost bone thus represents a paradigm shift for oral reconstructive therapies.

Educational Objectives:
Demonstrate clinical applications of stem cell-based oral reconstructive surgical procedures, while reviewing the evidence for stem cell use.
Learn about future applications of autogenous and allogenic mesenchymal stem cells for repair of oral and periodontal soft and hard tissue defects.
Employ the application of cell therapy via delivery of autogenous bone grafts for oral and periodontal bone repair.