Complex Decision-Making for Teeth & Implants in and out of the Aesthetic Zone

2 Hours 8 Minutes

Tuesday Session

Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Robert A. Faiella

Speakers: Stephen Chu, Dennis P. Tarnow

The treatment planning of complex cases requires the highest level of knowledge and skills of the treating team; it is an orchestration of procedures with proper timing that makes the difference. Envisioning the final case before starting is always needed to know where the goal of treatment will be directed towards. This, in conjunction with the patient’s needs and situation, make up the best treatment for the patient. Numerous problems - including which teeth to save or extract, when and how to include orthodontics if needed for sight development and how to temporize the case throughout treatment - will be addressed in this interdisciplinary approach to our most challenging cases.

Educational Objectives:

  • Understand how properly-timed procedures can make a difference in treatment planning.
  • Consider the end results and patient's individual circumstances to determine the best treatment plan.
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