Comprehensive Periodontal Insurance Workshop 1 (ALL DAY SESSION)

4 Hours 46 Minutes

Saturday Session

Careful and accurate management of insurance claims is one of the most important services periodontal practices can offer patients today. Timely submission, precision coding and excellent communication with patients and third parties can impact the success of your practice. 
This workshop is recommended for a staff person, office manager or any individual who works in a periodontal practice and needs a baseline understanding of ADA CDT-2009 procedure codes. Following the morning presentation, a Q&A session will take place in the 
afternoon. Please submit your questions in advance by e-mail to by July 1, 2009. Five CE credits will be offered for this program, and an informational handout provided. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Properly apply American Dental Association CDT-2009 codes for more accurate coding submissions. 
• Understand the basic structure of AMA codes and recognize appropriate indications for submitting to medical insurance

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