Computer-Assisted Regeneration

1 Hour 24 Minutes

Monday Session

Program Track: Imaging and Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Nicholas Toscano

Speaker: Neil Meredith

The use of computer-assisted design and manufacturing technology is now widely recognized, and increasingly being adopted in dental implant-guided placement and manufactured prosthodontics. Tissue augmentation and regeneration have until now been largely ignored. Design, manufacturing technology and materials are now available, and this course will describe the evolution, development and application of revolutionary technologies to develop new augmentation frameworks for the formation of new bone in implant placement.

Educational Objectives:

  • Enable clinicians to review the physical, biological and mechanical characteristics necessary for augmentation and regeneration techniques.
  • Describe diagnostic, design and processing technologies to develop CAM augmentation and regeneration techniques for implant dentistry.
  • Understand how new technologies can be used to design and manufacture biorep technologies. 
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