Control of Inflammatory Diseases

2 Hours 8 Minutes
Sunday Session
Program Track: Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases

Moderator: Jack G. Caton
Speakers: Michael J. McDevitt, Michael S. Reddy, Thomas E. Van Dyke

A growing body of research suggests inflammation resolution is an active process, and that chronic inflammatory periodontal disease involves a failure of resolution pathways to restore homeostasis. The isolation and characterization of resolving agonist molecules has opened a new area of research, using endogenous lipid mediators of resolution as potential therapeutic agents for the management of inflammatory periodontitis. Work in animal models of periodontitis has revealed the potential of this therapeutic approach, and lead to reconsideration of our understanding of the inflammatory process in pathogenesis of periodontal diseases.

Educational Objectives:
Understand, implement and evaluate patient and professional treatment strategies aimed at inflammation resolution.
Discuss the application and limitations of host modulation therapies directed at inflammation.
Learn the molecular biology of inflammation resolution, and the potential for new inflammation-resolving pharmacotherapeutics for the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases.
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