Create Energy Saving Comfort & Cut Costs with Affordable HVAC Zone Controls


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Las Vegas Convention Center, North 264

Format: Building Knowledge Session
Level of Content: Intermediate
Track: Building Techniques, Systems & Materials
Continuing Education: NAHB - 1.00 CE hour(s), NKBA - 0.1 CEU(s), AIA - 1.00 LU hour(s)
Appropriate for: Designers, Architects, Engineers & Planners, Subcontractors & Specialty Trade Contractors, Single Family - All

Richard Foster, ZONEFIRST, Elmwood Park, NJ

What It’s About:
Zoning is all around us. Cars have driver and passenger temperature control, homes have light switches in every room and in colder climates, radiant floor heating is used to control temperature. Why then, do most homes have only one thermostat? Zone control of HVACs with dampers have been proven to be a substantial energy and cost saver (KWH reductions of 30% in new homes) by eliminating wasted heating and cooling in unused rooms, yet zoning is only sold to 3 percent of the HVAC market. Why? Because many HVAC contractors simply don't understand the systems. In this session, we'll explore zoning controls that are affordable, doable and will be high selling points for consumers who long for comfortable homes year-round.

What You'll Learn:
Explore how designing homes with multiple zones can improve the overall comfort throughout the home.
Investigate how home damper systems can eliminate the need for separate HVAC units which will reduce the overall cost for HVAC in the home.
Analyze various studies on the energy saving aspects of zone damper systems and their role in building Net Zero Homes.
Discover how the HVAC Distribution system can be a major contributor to energy savings.

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