Defining Clinical Applications for Biologics

1 Hour 45 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering

Moderator: Bobby L. Butler

Speakers: Jay R. Beagle, Sascha A. Jovanovic, Mark A. Reynolds

Reconstructing the lost periodontium (or alveolar ridge) is a daily challenge. There are many techniques for grafting hard and soft tissue, including autogenous allografts, which have been the gold standard for years, but can have significant morbidity with donor sites. Now, various growth factors have been employed to enhance and replace traditional grafting techniques; EMD, PDGF and BMP-2 are all commercially available. This lecture will discuss these materials and their current applications in today’s periodontal/implant practices.

Educational Objectives:
Examine the differences between the various growth factors and biologics.
Review the literature regarding the use of EMD, PDGF and BMP-2.
Illustrate clinical cases and surgical techniques with each of these growth factors.