Dental Hygiene Symposium: Decision-Making in the 21st Century (ALL DAY SESSION)

3 Hours 43 Minutes

Saturday Session

Moderator: Jeanne M. Salcetti 

The way in which we approach a patient’s periodontal care continues to change in light of new information about disease risk, the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease and how care may impact overall health. In the near future, tests that look at salivary and gingival crevicular fluid markers of disease susceptibility and disease activity may aid us in the management of the 
individual patient. Refinement of local delivery agents and periodontal instrumentation will continue to play a role in delivering more effective, patient-friendly care. The future of periodontal diagnostics and treatment has never been brighter, but it comes with the need to 
establish better means of inter-office communication to co-manage patients with referring practices. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Comprehend the ways in which periodontal inflammation can affect cardiovascular health. 
• Identify which current advances have relevancy to the daily implementation of care for the periodontal patient. 
• Identify the essential components of communication necessary to provide and maintain strong working relationships between referring practices.