Dental Hygiene Symposium

3 Hours 43 Minutes
Saturday Session
Moderator: Rachel A. Schallhorn

Speakers: Bobby L. Butler, Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow, Robert N. Eskow, Brian L. Mealey, and Valerie Sternberg Smith

The Perio-Systemic Health Connection: Where Are We Today? by Brian L. Mealey
Educational Objectives:
•Understand the unique nature of the oral cavity and the interactions between chronic inflammatory disease and systemic health.
•Know how inflammatory periodontal diseases may impact cardiovascular health, the clinical course of diabetes, and pregnancy outcomes.

The Hygienist’s Role in Regenerative Periodontics by Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow
Educational Objectives:
•Discuss the biologic basis of periodontal regeneration versus repair.
•Establish the dental hygienist’s role in regenerative therapies.
• Implement effective communication to enhance treatment acceptance.

Etiology and Detection of Peri-Implant Disease by Robert N. Eskow and Valerie Sternberg Smith
Educational Objectives:
• Identify the etiology of changes in the periimplant tissues.
•Review treatment options for peri-implant disease.

Soft Tissue Augmentation for Esthetics and Health by Bobby L. Butler
Educational Objectives:
•Understand when gingival augmentation is necessary.
•Understand the goals and realistic outcomes of each of these procedures.
•Understand what new and older techniques should be used and which ones may be less predictable.
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