Dental Hygiene Symposium: Modern Concepts in Periodontal Treatment

3 Hours 23 Minutes
Saturday Session
Moderator: Jeanne M. Salcetti
Speakers: Bobby L. Butler, George E. Romanos, Roberta L. Shaklee

The traditional view of periodontal care has seen considerable change over the past several decades. Treatment approaches have been considerably impacted by the development of growth factors for regeneration around teeth and dental implants, techniques that expand a clinician’s ability to improve upon soft tissue esthetics and devices such as the dental laser. The backbone to all of this is still maintenance care, which allows for treatment to remain at a steady state of health. This course hopes to provide information on some of the current biologics being used, and how they impact outcomes and periodontal maintenance.

Educational Objectives:
• Review the current biologics used today in periodontal regenerative care.
• Identify the best methods available to maintain dental implants, and how to best recognize the ailing/failing implant.
• Evaluate existing lasers, including their strengths and limitations.