Does Periodontal Disease Treatment Improve Systemic Conditions?

2 Hours 27 Minutes
Monday Session
Program Track: Periodontal-Systemic Relationships

Moderator: Kenneth S. Kornman

Speakers: Robert J. Genco, Steven Offenbacher, George W. Taylor

Periodontitis has been associated with multiple systemic diseases, but the definitive question is whether treatment of periodontitis improves overall health and reduces the incidence of systemic diseases. This session will explore the strength of evidence for a periodontal treatment effect on systemic health, and discuss learnings from prior studies.

Educational Objectives:
Describe the current knowledge regarding the impact of periodontal therapy on the systemic health of certain populations.
Discuss limitations and learnings from prior clinical studies designed to evaluate the influence of periodontal treatment on systemic conditions.
Translate current clinical research findings into practical recommendations relative to the role of periodontal therapy and systemic health.