Electronic Medical Records: Ethical Access and Use in OEM

1 Hour
SKU: 16ACOEM-114

TRACK: OEM Clinical Practice; Management and Administration in OEM

William Judge, JD, LLM, Encompass Compliance, Corp., Cornelius, NC
Amir Mohammad, MD, MPH, Veterans Health Administration/Yale University OEM Program, New Haven, CT
James A. Tacci, MD, MPH, JD, FACOEM, Rochester Regional Health System, Rochester, NY

With the proliferation of electronic medical records and databases that contain private health information, there are unprecedented opportunities for obtaining useful information that can help OEM clinicians make important decisions, for example, fitness-for-duty, work causation, and legitimacy of controlled drug use. However, ability to access such information does not necessarily mean it is legal, and legality of access does not necessarily mean it is ethical. In this session, panelists will address the legality, ethics, appropriateness and needed disclosures related to accessing electronic medical records and other health databases (e.g. state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs – PDMPs) for OEM-relevant purposes other than providing direct patient care. Panelists include a workplace drug compliance expert, an occupational medicine physician working on related policies for the VA, and a JD/MD occupational medicine specialist. This session may be of particular interest to residents and recent graduates.

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