Enhancing Periodontal Treatment with Adjunctive Therapies

1 Hour 28 Minutes

Tuesday Session

Program Track: Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases
Moderator: David L. Jolkovsky
Speaker: Connie L. Drisko

Evidence-based dentistry supports a more conservative approach in the treatment and maintenance of select chronic periodontitis patients. Less invasive surgical therapies, including mini-flaps and enhanced visualization of the root surfaces, can result in successful pocket reduction and regeneration with less recession, sensitivity and post-operative pain. Localized treatment of deep isolated defects can now be approached with a variety of methods, including minimally invasive surgical and non-surgical techniques, with or without the addition of locally or systemically delivered antimicrobial therapy, or host modulation medication. Clinicians should consider incorporating these new findings when making diagnosis and treatment decisions that could include protocols with less invasive, but effective, methods of treating and maintaining select chronic periodontitis patients.

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