Esthetic Crown Lengthening

1 Hour 17 Minutes

Tuesday Session

Program Track: Periodontal Plastic/Oral Reconstructive Surgery

Moderator: John H. Jacquot

Speakers: Brian I. Chadroff, Simone Verardi

Smile enhancement therapy has become an important facet of everyday periodontal practice. The smile and esthetics of our patients can be affected by short teeth and a “gummy smile”. Often, this problem can be satisfactorily treated with clinical crown lengthening. This presentation will focus on the correct diagnosis and therapy in order to improve the esthetics of our patients.

Educational Objectives:

  • Understand the biological rationale for esthetic crown lengthening.
  • Be able to correctly diagnose excessive gingival display.
  • Recognize surgical correction of a gummy smile with and without a multidisciplinary approach.
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