General Session: Emerging Diagnostics for Oral and Systemic Diseases

1 Hour 51 Minutes
Sunday Session
Program Track: Periodontal-Systemic Relationships

Moderators: Robert A. Faiella, Koichi Ito
Speakers: William V. Giannobile, Shogo Takashiba, David T. Wong

Dentists are ideally situated to monitor and treat oral disease progression, impaired salivary status, and various oral complications associated with systemic conditions. Future prospects for the use of oral fluid-based diagnostics using microarray and microfluidic technologies will be presented, augmented by a new look at fingertip plasma screening of immunoglobulin-G against periodontopathic bacteria as a novel way to screen and monitor subjects with periodontitis.

Educational Objectives:
Understand the tremendous potential saliva has to be a quick and simple diagnostic marker of many conditions and susceptibilities.
Learn the tremendous potential for plasma to provide quick and meaningful indications of disease susceptibility and response to treatment.
Realize how emerging diagnostics can be incorporated into everyday practice, and how they may change and/or enhance patient care.
Our thanks to Colgate for sponsoring this General Session.