General Session; Understanding Success and Failure in Periodontal Regeneration

2 Hours
Tuesday Session
Moderator: Myron Nevins 

Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering 

Successful regenerative treatment for teeth with angular osseous defects can be more predictable today than in the past. We have at our disposal a stronger evidence-based understanding of the factors that contribute to success and failure. The materials that have demonstrated regenerative capability continue to increase, and the burgeoning area of biologic agents makes the future of regeneration seem brighter than ever. Despite this positive outlook, failures still occur, and we are faced with the unenviable challenge of managing these patients. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Present successful evidence-based algorithms to manage the intrabony lesion. 
• Discuss the bone graft materials preferred for predictable regeneration, and how a combined approach with barriers increases predictable success. 
• Review where biologic agents may fit into the regeneration of teeth.
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