How to Negotiate for Greater Success in Work and Life

25 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Practice Development and Management

Moderator: Bobby L. Butler

Speaker: Stuart Diamond

The first 30 minutes of this session will be devoted to the presidential address, given by Nancy L. Newhouse. Conventional wisdom in negotiation is no longer competitive; it is an outdated model. Negotiation is the basic process of business practice, affecting every interaction; as such, better methods are central to increasing competiveness. This course deals with addressing emotions, to not only focus more on goals, but listening and creativity as well. This new model is captured in a fourquadrant format, enabling people to prepare effectively for any negotiation.

Educational Objectives:

  • Uncover the perceptions of others, using them to create value.
  • Deal more effectively with emotional and cultural issues.
  • Develop better problem-solving skills.
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